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About Transplant

If a bone marrow or cord blood transplant is a treatment option for you or a loved one, these resources will help you learn about and plan for a transplant. Use these resources to understand more about transplant, choose a transplant center and work with your health care team.

Considering Transplant
When you are considering transplant as a treatment option for your disease, your best strategy is to educate yourself early in the process. These resources can help you prepare for discussions with your health care team and participate in the decisions about your care and treatment.

Preparing for Transplant 
The marrow or cord blood transplant journey is different for everyone. Resources are available to help you learn what to expect during the transplant process and how to prepare for any changes, challenges and successes.

Choosing a Transplant Center
Hospitals that have experience performing bone marrow or cord blood transplants are called transplant centers. If you are choosing a transplant center for your treatment, it is important to know what to look for and what questions to ask as you make your decision. These resources will help you narrow the search and choose a transplant center that is right for you.

Talking with your Health Care Team 
It is helpful to gather tips and questions to better communicate with your health care team before, during and after transplant. Use these resources to help you ask the right questions, keep track of important information and express thoughts and feelings to those involved with your care. 

Chemotherapy and Radiation 
Chemotherapy and radiation are treatments used to destroy or shrink cancer cells and suppress the immune system, and can be used to prepare a patient for transplant. These resources will help you understand how these treatments are used with a marrow or cord blood transplant.

Team up with your health care team and caregiver to navigate your medication options. These resources will provide information about drug treatment options, how they are used for a variety of diseases and possible side effects.  

Clinical Trials
Clinical trials are an additional option to your treatment program and could help you learn about new treatment methods or medicine. Use these resources to help you weigh your options and decide if a clinical trial is right for you.


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